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Swept-blend-roof, open a project. on the ribbon, click (model in-place). architecture tabbuild panelcomponent drop-down (model in-place) in the family category and parameters dialog, select a roof category for the element, and click ok.. Create swept blend in revit, creating a chesterfield table leg using swept blend command in revit 2015.. I created a roof by using model-in-place : swept blend. there was something wrong when i attached the walls to the roof. someone can explain and resolve it ? thanks. 19023, i can join geometry on all mass types except swept blends. after making a swept blend i array it and attempt to join it with join geometry. it won't work. i can join geometry with a mass extrusion to a swept blend but not a swept blend to a swept blend. am i missing something?.

I am working with revit 2015 and the simplest way to describe this is as follows: i have built four walls. i selected roof extrusion, picked the plane, selected start-end-radius arc, set at 45 deg. and boom an arched roof. now my problem: i want to elevate one end of the roof 10ft above the opposite end. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.., 2014 0618 searug - rendering revit models in 3ds max - sponsor: pacificad presenters: evan hughes and jason herbst of pacificad, dan temple, balance associates an overview of settings, rendering engines, texture mapping and techniques to achieve photorealistic images vs. showcase and revit. we will ....

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