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Ultra-bronze-tanning-bed, prosun a t fort smith tan we don't have just entry level beds, we take it a step further by offering level 3 prosun x5 beds, which offer 3 facial tanners, body and facial coolers, surround sound with a subwoofer and contoured acrylic.. if you want to take your tan a step further, then try the level 4 prosun x7 with 4 facial tanners, aromatherapy, body misters, built in ac, surround sound, and .... The ultrabronz hp-supernova is everything you expect a premium tanning bed to be and more. both comfortable and effective, the hp-supernova uses a unique reflector/lamp design for an intense 24-minute session that remains surprisingly cool., helpful, trusted answers from doctors: dr. williams on is the ultra bronze tanning bed bad for you: it increases your risk of developing skin cancer..

With the ultrabronz sun bed, you will see the color difference immediately! ultrabronz can give you color that you may have been unable to obtain before with conventional sun beds. in addition to great color, you will not experience underarm lines, white pressure point spots or stripes. no more lying on hard, acrylic glass. have a longer ..., we pared playboy ultra bronze for men indoor tanning bed lotion 9 oz deals, reviews, and promotions over the recent 3 years for you at tanning-lotion..

U.v. bronze’s impeccable salons offer the best equipment available in the industry, providing you with an experience well beyond a conventional tan., minimum offer with deposit $1250reference #tamarch22-8-07pmthis 94x61x52 used tanning bed features:24/600w high pressure tanning lampsmattress3 phasetimer1853 hours12 minute per side, exposure time.please note you are paying for a deposit on a used equipment listing. after you have signed our terms and conditions that will be emailed you can clarify the exact offer amount you wish to make and ....

If it's your first time in a tanning salon, all the different types of beds to choose from can be overwhelming. one common point of confusion is the difference between bronzing beds and regular tanning beds., tanning beds have long been utilized by those who desire a year 'round tan that takes less time to acquire than lying in the sun. tanning beds work by creating an artificial sources of ultraviolet light, which is present in two forms: ultraviolet-a (uva) light or ultraviolet-b (uvb) light.. Illume tanning mist. this hydrating self tanning water has been specially designed for the face and will provide a clean, natural looking tan and will not clog pores.. our easy to apply formulation is enriched with skin loving vitamins and gently mists onto the skin for flawless results.